Enough about Spring… back to Winter Inspiration

I’ve wanted to try this for a while and I finally have a moment to do it.

One of my favorite websites is ColourLovers.  Once you join you are able to post palettes, colours, and patterns you create.


I get a lot of inspiration from historical dramas and I’ve posted about the Elizabeth movies before and I can’t say enough about director Shekhar Kapur’s work in partnership with a huge team of talented professionals who work toward this amazing result.

Here is the palette I created using ColorSchemer. (License 49.99, available mac and pc)

I think I will be spending a lot of time with this new ‘friend’ on my computer.  Hopefully not when I should be doing something more important and pressing, like writing report cards.


This palette makes me think of a picture I took on a November trip to Quesnel to visit some really great friends.  They graciously picked me up at the Prince George airport (normally 1 hour away) one snowy evening.  We traveled for almost twice as long as we should have on dark snowy highways where you couldn’t see any markings on or beside the road.  It was a harrowing journey, including witnessing the violent end of a farm dog, that none of us will EVER do again.  Once settled, I had a lovely time and the return trip to the airport was much better.

Maybe it’s because I’m a prairie girl at heart, but I see a cold beauty everywhere in nature at this time of year.

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