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Inspired…. drika.b


drika.b is one of my favorite handmade designers on ETSY.

Originally from Brazil, Adrianna is a talented designer who currently resides in California.

She successfully navigates the handmade lifestyle, selling pouches and many styles of bags on ETSY.

drika.b specializes in brightly printed cotton fabrics blended with the texture of jute webbing.  She has paid a great deal of attention to her final product and finishing.  Her photography really compliments her designs.  The clean crisp look is something that I am always striving for.

Below is the pouch I just bought for myself.  I love the bright colors and can’t wait to move into it and put it to use.

I’ve been planning on writing this post for a while and when I was looking for images to use I found Adrianna’s flickr Photostream, (Adri/drikab’s Photostream).

While snooping around I found these amazing and inspiring photo’s of her studio.  Wow, so neat and organized.  I think I’ve got a bit of work ahead of me.  (Stay tuned for a future post on my studio space)

Look how everything has a place, I love how she has divided the room by function.  The light and neutral decor allow the fabrics to take central stage, such as those on the wall.  It’s so smart to keep them close at hand for designing.

Adrianna has comfortable chairs for all that stitching and listing.

Cutting and working at a raised table makes many jobs easier.

What a lovely way to celebrate current and past designs!  Don’t we all need a little of the framed advice she keeps on the wall?Right?

Just keep calm and carry on.


buy another bag….


fix up my studio!