Color Palettes… Pellegrino Bottle


II have always loved glassware and bottles.  When I was young and visiting my aunt in Saskatchewan I used to play for hours with her old perfume bottles.  They were sent to her during the second World War by her sweetheart.  Upon his arrival home they were married and set up farming.  During my high school days, I spent an entire semester in art working on stained glass windows for the school.  We were so lucky to work with a very talented local artist.  The finished windows were amazing, I’ll have to walk over next time I’m home and take a picture.  The result of all that work was more than just a gorgeous window or two, it was several cuts and burns on my hands.

I’ve since scaled down my work with glass.  My attraction to the luminosity of glass remains with me today.  I love the kaleidoscope of colors, tones, and shades found in those made in Japan.  Japanese glass beads are some of the best available.