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Great Read… Urban Weeds

I am a huge fan of Lisa Warninger and her amazing blog Urban Weeds.  I follow a lot of street style blogs, but this one stands out among the others.  With every new post I am inspired by the style Lisa captures on her blog.

The casual street style of Portland, Oregon that she features separates her from other street style blogs.  This reminds me of the thrifted and unique style choices I grew up with in Victoria, an eclectic university center like Portland.

Many of my friends frequent thrift shops as a personal, green, lifestyle choice.  I love that Lisa shows these creative style choices and celebrates them as cool fashion.

She begins each post with an amazing black and white portrait, which really captures her subject.  It reveals a different, more intimate side to her subject.

Lisa is also a very talented professional photographer and she was recently featured in a video for [Framed].  Here she goes through a typical photo shoot, but also gives us a little insight into her street photography.


Take a look, drop by and see what’s happening in Portland.


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