Colour… red currants

Picked this gorgeous fruit the other night from the yard with my mom and guess what?  I couldn’t resist making a palette and collage.  When I finished the Summer Peach palette, my dad (the painter) suggested I needed a complimentary colour, but I didn’t really want to at the time.  This time I made sure to pick up on the green stems.  I love these crisp shades of pink and orange red with the white background of the page.  Maybe it’s because I’m Canadian, because I’m not one to wear red, or live with it in my house, but I sure do love it.  I’ve even written about it before here.  It makes me think of strawberries and a scandinavian cottage with sparkling white floors.

These were headed to the freezer for future use in red currant jelly.  It’s amazing and we love it.