Weekend Lunch: Rice and Peas with eggs on top

I have a good friend Carol, who makes the most delicious Jamaican Rice and Peas. I found a similar recipe online and made them last week. Last weekend I pan fried a bit of left over rice and peas, then added two soft poached eggs. Finally, I added a little salsa to dress it up. It was really good and something I’ll have to make again.


Quilt Month

March is nearly over and I just discovered it’s Quilt Month in the US. It’s so ironic because while I was at home I took these pictures of a quilt I sleep under nearly every visit. I thought it was made by my grandmother, but it turns out I was wrong. My mom said it was made by my great Aunty Belle (Isabelle).

Aunty Bella made it for my mother, a wedding present sometime before 1967. Scraps were used for the stripped part of the log cabin pattern, but the red and blue would have been purchased separately. She would have quilted it by hand. If you look carefully you might see a stitch.

 I love the bright colours and how heavy and warm it is.


colour… pictures from europe

I think this weekend I’m headed to Ikea again. I have to get frames for these beautiful prints I recently received from bialaKura. I’m trying to decide if I go for white or dark wood. Probably white and probably square, but I’ll measure the wall I’m thinking of putting them on before I go just in case.

I love these shades of blue with the little bit of brown and caramel. They will look amazing with my grey walls.

How’s your week going? Mine is a bit slow, but I have to admit, I’m very happy we are already at Wednesday.