beautiful gift

I managed to get up this morning (eventually), thanks to a phone call from Claudia, and despite the time change. I’ve started my spring break and the timing couldn’t be better. I was getting lunch ready when suddenly there was a knock at my door. Living in a condo, I don’t get many door knocks, usually it’s the grandma and grand daughters selling girl guide cookies twice a year. The letter carrier was there with a parcel that required a signature. It was a beautiful parcel all the way from Poland, for me. At the beginning of the new year I applied to be a part of a gift exchange arranged by Danni Hong of Oh Hello Friend. As some of you may know it’s been a rough year this year and so I wound up leaving this gift exchange until the last minute. Angieska was so kind and patient. I really appreciated her generous spirit. She is an amazingly talented photographer who’s ETSY shop, bialakura, showcases her work and other projects.

She picked the most perfect set for me. I can’t wait to frame them in white frames, and hang them in a grouping. I sent her something I hope she will like just as much as I like her gift.

Thanks Angieska and thanks Danni for introducing us.

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  1. Oh it was so wonderful and she received mine today and really liked it. If you ever have a chance to participate, I recommend it.

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