8 responses to “5 Things I’m Afraid to Tell You”

  1. Your right I do know you. You are a special person to me and your dad. Remember the talk last weekend. It sounds like you are ready to set some priorities. It looks to me like you have picked some, but you should never stop working on them. Even at my age I haven’t arrived. I don’t think we ever do, but we can never stop reaching for our goals. Change is always possible. Life is good and I am grateful to be a part of yours.

  2. Hey – Love this. I am working on my “spilling my guts” post too! I will make sure to get you out of your house – I can be a bit of a pain in the “you know what” so tell me if I am a bit in your face. But I would love to be “buddies”! I was an odd duck in school too, sad glasses, sad hair, bad taste in clothes…..and yes, blogging can bring back those feelings too. Hard to put blinders on and not compare. So I have tried to just embrace the “I don’t give a %$#@ at what others are doing, and just blog for me!”

    Hugs. Ok, now lets start with baby steps. Coffee in our neck of the woods, k?

  3. “I often make lists and have great plans for a simply clean home, but I never seem to have the energy to make them a reality.”

    Right there with ya! lol I actually go to bed some nights thinking, OKAY! TOMORROW! I GOT THIS…..PffFtt. I also do the same thing with little projects I have thought up to do. Little projects that remain sitting in a dusty corner in the garage.

    But yeah, I look foward to reading your blog. :]

  4. I love that your first comment is from your Mom.
    My Mom leaves lovely comments on my blog too and I think its lovely.
    Sometimes (a lot of the time) I find it hard to say what I am thinking, especially face to face, but I can write it on my blog. Its cool that she gets this and leaves me little encouragement nuggets from time to time.
    Best wishes to you and your Mom.

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