DIY: drip dyed snowflakes

I recently purchased these beautiful snowflakes from Poketo, a fabulous online shop based out of Los Angeles. I’ve been admiring all the dip dye projects I’ve seen around the internet and wanted to try one of my own. After a trip to the local art supply store, Opus, I raced home to attempt to dip dye my new decorations. I brought home two bottles, one white and one gold, of Rowney Acrylic Ink. It came in so many amazing colours too. I might have to go back for more. Because this acrylic ink has droppers in the lid, I decided to forego the paint brush I had planned to use and dripped the ink onto my snowflakes. Thanks to a discussion with my friend Tan, of Squirrelly Minds, I decided to call this DIY drip dyed, rather than dip dyed.

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