About Mo

My name is Maureen, but most of my friends and family call me Mo.  I once had a great friend who coined the phrase mo’ funk, less rock ‘n roll for me and les funk, mo’ rock ‘n roll for my dad (whose first name is Les).  Many years later I decided to use the mo’ funk as a business name for my jewelry.  I have been creating jewelry for the last 10 years, but only seriously formed my company in the last few years.  Before creating jewelry I knit, sewed and made a few quilts.  I truly believe that creative expression is a part of me.  My mother and I developed a bond over sewing and knitting, that has lasted to this day, she continues to knit and make quilts.  My father is a very talented artist, in oil and some watercolor, who has inspired me my whole life.  My father’s father owned two jewelry shops in the Vancouver area for years, in the ’50′s.
I am so proud to create gorgeous necklaces and earrings.  I am inspired by colour, lovely glass beads and semiprecious stones.
If you are new to my site, you will see that I have an addiction to colour.  The materials that I use are predominantly sterling silver and gold-filled findings, semi-precious stones, and Japanese glass…..just to name a few.
.-:¦:-·I use sterling silver and gold-filled supplies for all of my pieces..-:¦:-·
.-:¦:-·I try my best to find the best materials I can and take pride in the results..-:¦:-·

tools of the trade

While I love all my time creating, it doesn’t pay the bills.  I’m a full time teacher and very busy with that.  I try to find time on weekends to express my creative energy with beads, stones and metal.  As I’ve progressed I have found better sources for supplies and tools.  I’ve polished old techniques and love learning new ones.  This was the first time year I tried to create a cohesive collection.  I really found sketching and planning helped me to stay on track.  I look forward to the future of Mo’ Funk Designs.