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New Work – cream & grey macrame necklace

This work has literally been years in the making. Some of that was creative and a lot of that was personal. As you can tell from the date of my previous post, it’s been a while. I want to see if I can get back into posting here, while holding down my full time job, creating my jewelry, and managing my crazy personal life. One of these days I’ll fill you in. Those of you who know me probably already know some of what’s been going on.

Anyway, I wanted to get this post up, as I’m really thrilled with these results.Maureen-Funk-Designs-cream-&-grey-work-in-progress

Some of you have commented to me in other media that you have been liking the direction I’ve been going. A few have said that you can tell I’m enjoying the process and you have too. I can’t tell you how encouraging that is. All of your likes on my various social media platforms have been driving me forward, confirming that I was on the right track. Not only has it been years in the making, but each piece takes hours to make. My shoulders and fingers show that. I’m hoping that my talent and skill will warrant the price, so I have priced out the new work and listed a few pieces in my ETSY shop. Now we just have to see what happens, right?

Maureen-Funk-Designs-cream-&-grey-finishedYay! New post is finally done! I’m so happy with this Missoni inspired macrame fibre necklace. Please comment and let me know what you think?



Shoe Shinez

I had lunch with some fabulous blogging friends on Saturday. One of our group is Sari, a talented, busy woman who designs and creates Shoe Shinez. These amazing wings (among other shapes), used to customize and decorate your shoes are so great. I know quite a few people, both young and old, who would love them.

Much success to you Sari, I know you have big deals coming your way.


a delightful fascination… two red foxes

I have long been an admirer of these gorgeous bracelets from Ella’s shop, Two Red Foxes. I love how she uses these colourful yarns to create these wrapped pieces.

Ella uses cotton and a super soft merino yarn, all hand dyed in a beautiful range of colours. Her original designs can be stacked together in as many colour combinations as you can think of!

Each bracelet is a labour of love. I’m sure you’ll love them too, so drop by and have a look.


a delightful fascination… CS Designs

It’s another fascination of mine, gorgeous colour and natural materials.  I love Charlene’s work, she has a real eye for rich colour combinations and mixed textures. CS Designs is a shop full of lovely jewelry inspired by our beautiful planet. If you love colour and amazing design like I do, you’ll have trouble picking just one of Charlene’s pieces.

Thanks for allowing me to share your work Charlene!