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Honeysuckle... Pantone Color 2011

ETSY Treasury: Honeysuckle… Pantone color of 2011

I sure do love honeysuckle Erin, great treasury.  I can’t wait for warmer, brighter weather to showcase this cheerful, rosy hue.

Honeysuckle… Pantone color of 2011


Pink Jade and Gold Filled Hoop Earrings

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Picnik collage fall 2011

Pantone’s Color Forecast for Fall 2011

I can’t believe it’s that time again.  Fashion Week is exploding in New York this week and the world’s best designers are revealing what they think we should be wearing this fall.  It’s that time of year when Pantone too reveals what they think we should be wearing this fall.  At least the color we should be wearing.

The Fall 2011 Fashion Color Report is now out.

Of course honeysuckle is still there as it has been declared the color for 2011.

Fall 2010 Fashion Report

The shades of 2011 are very similar to those of 2010, with very few changes.

I love the addition of the cool shades of the quarry and orchid hush.

While the new mid tone green, cedar, is more sage than last years woodbine, the deep teal is a much darker and richer than 2010′s lagoon.  The brown shades of coffee liqueur and nougat are perfect muted neutrals.  Phlox looks like a combination of last year’s chocolate truffle and orchid and bamboo looks like a combination of endive and golden glow.

I look forward to creating with these new colors.  Stay tuned for fun collages.


ETSY Treasury: All thing PRETTY IN STONE


Thanks Karen Ann, I couldn’t agree more.  Ever since I was a child I’ve collected pretty rocks.  Later it was university geology classes and now it’s my passion and second job.



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Pantone’s color trend forecast for Spring/Summer 2011 included a lovely shade of orange called coral rose.

Rihanna Marie Claire cover shoot-2

more honeysuckle…

I just had to reference this lovely post at every little thing.  Michelle has an amazing eye and is a talented writer and blogger, as well as a fantastic mom, wife, and friend.  She has a great eye and sure used it to perfection in this blog post, only girl in the world....  Check it out in full by clicking on the link.

Thanks Michelle for using my earrings in your collage.  They fit perfectly!