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The Look: post-holiday errands

Maureen-Funk-Designs-post-holiday-errandsdetails: Polyvore: post-holiday errands

Following the holidays is a time for catching deals at the stores, tidying up & clearing out, and getting ready to head back to work. Before Christmas we had a cold spell and well, I’m tired of feeling cold (might be my age), so I purchased a few warm, cold weather items. When I saw this beautiful L.L. Bean grey coat, I knew it had to be mine. It’s so warm and solid, it’s actually quite heavy. You don’t need any layers underneath. Last week I decided that if I saw these Clark’s classic desert boots on sale I would try to get a pair, well this serious shopper found them for an amazing price in this perfect shade of grey. I’m in love! I would love to find a hat like this, and the confidence to wear it, but as of this moment? No such luck. Maybe some day.

I know this isn’t the typical shiny, sparkling New Years Post, but Happy New Year anyway!



What’s new: Leather Wrap Bracelet

I’ve been eyeing these bracelets around the web (originally by Chan Luu) for a while, so one day when I was home sick I decided to try to find a way to make it.  I found a tutorial on ETSY at A Modern Philosophy (thanks Lisa) and purchased it right away.  This is only the second one I’ve made and I’m very happy with it.

There are still a few tricks to figure out, and I need to add my own special touch, but I’m looking forward to what’s to come in the next few months.

Watch out for these at the upcoming Ivory Vintage Market and at my shop on ETSY.