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Lavender Orpingtons

As you might have noticed lately I’ve been a bit obsessed with grey.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love color, but the grey’s are just calling to me right now.  Soon my home will be painted a lovely shade of grey and I can’t wait.  Every time I visit my best friend’s home we do a walk about in the yard to see what’s changed.  This year she surprised me and I was immediately in love.  She and her husband had just bought new chickens, layers for their menagerie.  Lavender Orpingtons.  Yes, lavendar… well grey, every lovely shade of grey you could imagine.  The grey is a recessive  gene, making this color very popular for the last ten years.  The roosters were very well mannered, I wonder if my neighbours would mind?

COLOURlovers palette colors from left to right: lovers gray, Agent Buckle, Commie Concrete, salmon, dusky rose