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Happy New Year & OH NO!

Happy New Year everyone. I’ve been following Door Sixteen for a couple of years now and love Anna’s blog. She recently stayed up late to update her blog and I love it even more. I’ve been thinking of going more minimal and clean for a while, so I (not so) cleverly thought I’m going to change my template & design too. I wasn’t completely naive and I did do a backup, so not completely hopeless. The huge problem though is that Anna actually knows what she it doing. I actually have no idea. There-in lies the problem. So you will see a site in progress for a while. I’m working my hardest and I like learning this stuff, but we’ll just have to see.

Thanks for your patience.

Picnik collage COATT necklace

Amazing Talent ~ COATT

I recently bought myself a little gift from a very talented jewelry creator. I’ve admired their work for quite some time and when the opportunity arose, I pounced.

COATT is a design studio run by a family of COAgans and ScharlaTTS. Their primary focus and success lies in their beautiful, delicate morse coded necklaces. Using gold dots and dashes on silk cord, their jewelry spells out words, names, and phrases in Morse Code. COATT was launched in November 2010. I love their approach to design and business, ‘seeing it as baby steps towards a light hearted, aesthetically stimulating, intelligent future lifestyle…or just a responsible way to celebrate consumerism!‘ Wow what a great philosophy.

My necklace spells friend. I hoped it would remind me to never take a good friend for granted. I recently had to say goodbye to my cat, Tiarella, and my friends have been amazing. I am so thankful for all their support.

Take a look and see if you can find a beautiful piece, with a special message, for someone in your life.

Picnik collage Livingroom lighting options

Home – Living room

Well it’s grey outside and I’m home with the fireplace on. As I sit on my old sofa and write this I dream about my new one-day sofa and a few other changes. It’s a full shopping weekend for many and surprisingly not me… not really. Anyway I’m considering a new light for my living room above the fireplace. I want something simple, perhaps a bit modern and unexpected. These selections are from West Elm, if you have any others please let me know.

Here are my choices and the measurements.  What do you think?

I’m thinking the longer one is too big and will cover my pretty mirrors. Maybe the mercury shade is too similar to the mirrors? The globe is quite modern and unexpected.