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The Loss of a Great Man

Tomorrow we say a formal farewell to a great Canadian politician.  Whether you agreed with his politics or not, you can’t deny his passion and dedication to his calling and work.  Jack Layton’s love for his country was immense, and so before he passed on he wrote a letter to the Canadian people.  Upon hearing of this letter I immediately thought of uploading the text to wordle.  I find it so fascinating to look at the words that are larger due to their frequency in the text.  What jumps out at you?  I see Canadians, better, and change.  I chose red because he was a proud Canadian and orange for the party that he loved.  I truly don’t believe we have another national political leader of this caliber, and I’m not sure we will for some time.  Perhaps Jack’s legacy will be that he inspires young people who will one day work as hard as he did for their country.

Thanks Jack

Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press