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5 Things I’m Afraid to Tell You

Jess Constable and EZ at Creature Comforts have started a movement that I would be proud to be a part of. The world of blogging, while beautiful, has become a bit unrealistic. These ladies started a movement to draw back the curtain & show the reality of bloggers and their lives. I want to participate and feel fairly confident sharing these things with you, but I’m a tiny bit worried at the same time. I’ve been reading all the posts that have already been written and published and I’m very impressed. Two of the people who know me best might be reading this, my mom and my best friend. I have to be honest or I will not hear the end of it. It’s good to have some accountability right?

I will spare you all my deep dark secrets today and just limit myself to five. So here they are… the five things I’m afraid to tell you.

1. My house is a mess, constantly. I feel overwhelmed by my lovely disaster. I often make lists and have great plans for a simply clean home, but I never seem to have the energy to make them a reality. I don’t think it’s bad enough to put me on some reality t.v. show, but it’s kinda’ up there. One of my goals this year was to entertain more, but uh, yeah, that hasn’t happened yet. Don’t let any pretty pictures you see on my blog fool you. There is no way any of you could come over. I love that Erin talked about her toilet, yeah me too. Enough said.

2. I have a serious problem with shopping and money. I went to a financial planning seminar today and when he talked about how much to have per month for investing, I almost pursed out laughing. Really? All of you put away that much money every month? I literally get twitchy when pay day is coming around. The only reason I’m not out on the street is because of good family and friends (you know who you are). This year I decided to have my mortgage paid off in 12 years, so I’m doubling up on payments. You might say, well Mo, that’s a savings of some sore. The only reason it’s happening is because it’s automatic otherwise I’d be in trouble. Sometimes I think about that other money going to the mortgage and think wow, if I had that I could really do some damage. One of my downfalls is actually reading all your lovely blogs and seeing pretty things that I think I have to have too. I now know, thanks to this series, that you all don’t actually have all the things you are sharing with me.

3. I have ‘crazy’ in my family. I’m really starting to be pro-active about it this year. The shopping compulsion, the lack of judgement with money, the disregard for cleanliness and neatness in my home are all issues I need to deal with. The procrastination in many areas of my life. The feeling of being overwhelmed. The desire to just stay home and not talk to anyone. It’s definitely there and I’m going to seriously address it in the upcoming year. I think it’s a tiny bit part of being a creative person with all the highs and lows that go along with it. I’m also going to work on not beating myself up or feel guilty about not being the super full time working teacher, jewelry designer and brilliant blogger.

4. I’m starting (at 43) to think I’m pretty good at doing things in my life. I’m starting to allow myself to think I’m a pretty darn good teacher. I love my students and they really like me, they really do (a la Sally Field). I used to think every group was pretty smart, but now I’m learning to acknowledge my part in the equation. I’m starting to believe in my creative talent and have confidence in my work. I’m happy with every piece of jewelry I make. If I’m inspired by someone else’s work, I KNOW I can and will put my own touch on it. I love what I’m doing on the blog right now and frankly, I can’t believe some of you haven’t noticed yet. (unless I’m completely naive about it). I know that sounds egotistical, but my confidence is growing. Don’t worry if you don’t like it. I love it and that’s the most important thing.

5. I suffer from HUGE feelings of jealousy & insecurity. I’ve really starting opening myself up to the blog community (I can do this from home in my loungewear) and twitter-verse in the last year. It brings back feelings of high school. I was a major art, book, history dork. I had a small group of friends who felt the same way and luckily I went to a small high school so every group was basically respectful of the others. Think The Breakfast Club at the end. I find it very difficult approaching a group of people I admire on twitter or commenting on their blogs. I’ve really only had one disappointing experience & I need to just let it go. I’m super social and a bit silly at work which is very different from my nature at home. Most of the chances I’ve taken have been rewarded by lovely interactions with amazing, talented, supportive, creative people. I feel truly blessed, however, I still have these feelings of jealousy. I want to be buddies, hang out, get invited, be part of the inner circle. (and yes still virtually a shut in) I want you to know me and like me for myself, my talents, and my contribution to the conversation. I want to shout, “Hey, I like you and want to hang out!” I’m gaining confidence (see 4. above) and getting better, but I’m not quite there yet.

Well there it is. I hope my two watchdogs; mom & Claudia will approve. There might be typos, I just had to get it out quickly. Forgive me. I’m so delighted that EZ and Jess started all this. Please follow the link for EZ and read some of the submissions. Let’s keep it going. I pledge to continue to be honest, even if it terrifies me. Pushing Publish now…


A Merry Mishap

I recently purchased these beautiful pieces from the very successful, A Merry Mishap, at fab. They are made by Jennifer, a talented designer, blogger (A Merry Mishap), and mom. I love this mixture of the creamy pearl and gold. The clean, faceted, geo shapes Jennifer uses remind me of my geology days, but at same time the crisp finish is very modern.

I love these beautiful neutrals, but if you are looking to make a statement check out her shop and pick up a pair in hot pink or neon yellow.


New Treat

Last week I was so happy to pop across the border and collect my parcel from the Scarf Shop.  Martha McQuade has created lovely hand dyed cotton and silk scarves.  I’ve been seeing her scarves around for a while, so I bought myself a treat, the colour of the month for October.  Storm is the most gorgeous shade of teal and is perfect for fall, winter and early spring.  Ordering the regular size was perfect, because I can’t believe how long it is.  I’m able to do a double wrap, creating a full look at the neck.  I feel very cool and sophisticated in my fully wrapped new scarf.

I’m not sure what the colour for November will be until Tuesday, but I really want the charcoal, as per my grey obsession.  I love Martha’s original cotton scarves, they come in 4 sizes and 16 colours.  In addition to charcoal I would love one in rust, plum, cayenne, olive moss, grey… well you get the picture.  She has also designed and created the gorgeous Colorblocks Collection, large, square scarves in a silk/cotton blend and the Random Dye Collection, also square, but in cotton.  Drop by her shop and take a look.  Isn’t it be better to get something locally handmade, with as little impact on the environment as possible, rather than a synthetic (‘pashmina’) from a booth in the middle of a busy mall, from who knows where, with workers treated who knows how?  What scarf would you choose?


Link Love Friday

It’s been a full week, I’m back to work full time and missing writing posts, creating cool collages and pretty colour palettes.  I’m missing following my twitter pals in-real-time, now it’s more like 7 hours later.  I want to start sharing some of these amazing blogs and posts that inspire me, in a Link Love post… I need to come up with a more cool name.


Victoria of sfgirlbybay, has been writing these, “separated at birth“, posts for while.  Being a classic movie nerd, I have loved them all, but the more recent ones with the boys are fabulous.

Bad boy or Good guy?  What do you think?

separated at birth

Been following the coverage of NY Fashion Week for Spring 2012?  I have through a few sources.  One I’ve really come to love is Jamie, From Me To You, her photography talent, style and taste are amazing.  I loved this post of her in this gorgeous dress, boy is Grace right, it’s so Grace Kelly.

Full of Grace

Bri Emery of Design Love Fest is not only an amazing designer and fun blogger, she is busy (when she’s not working on Rue Magazine) planning the Blogshop revolution and taking over the world one giff at a time.  If you want inspiration check out her blog and portfolio.  I’ve emailed her about a Vancouver Blogshop, which I hope she will decide to do one day soon.

Take A Ticket

I started following Jane this summer, at Ill Seen, Ill Said, she is smart, talented, and has a great eye.  My Dad is an artist and huge fan of The Group of Seven, so I really loved this post.  Almost everywhere I look on twitter, facebook and all my favorite blogs, I’m starting to see wishful thinking for beautiful falls days.


Joy has been another summer favorite, I love her blog, Oh Joy!   She is another super talented woman, I love to read and follow.  She loves great food and polka-dots and amazing design.  She regularly publishes a this & that post that’s always wonderful.  Just like Victoria, it’s an amazing eye, memory, or organization system to keep track of these ideas and images.

this & that

Picnik collage Urban Weeds 4

Great Read… Urban Weeds

I am a huge fan of Lisa Warninger and her amazing blog Urban Weeds.  I follow a lot of street style blogs, but this one stands out among the others.  With every new post I am inspired by the style Lisa captures on her blog.

The casual street style of Portland, Oregon that she features separates her from other street style blogs.  This reminds me of the thrifted and unique style choices I grew up with in Victoria, an eclectic university center like Portland.

Many of my friends frequent thrift shops as a personal, green, lifestyle choice.  I love that Lisa shows these creative style choices and celebrates them as cool fashion.

She begins each post with an amazing black and white portrait, which really captures her subject.  It reveals a different, more intimate side to her subject.

Lisa is also a very talented professional photographer and she was recently featured in a video for [Framed].  Here she goes through a typical photo shoot, but also gives us a little insight into her street photography.


Take a look, drop by and see what’s happening in Portland.